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China in-store 2023 Closed on a Successful Note



On December 1st, 2023, China in-store 2023 closed on a high note at SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Center). China in-store is the official satellite show of EuroShop which has been dedicated to presenting store solutions with design thinking. The three-day event welcomed 103 high-quality retail suppliers and design firms, showcasing innovative store designs and retail solutions, attracting 13,934 professional visitors on-site. In addition, 46 domestic and international industry leaders and experts delivered splendid talks on hot topics such as the development trends of China’s retail industry, retail space design, and lightweight construction of commercial spaces, with around 1,240 participants.


Ms. Elke Moebius, Director of EuroShop of Messe Düsseldorf said: “I'm really pleased to see that China in-store is back after a 2-year break, a fairly long gap to stay away from the market. This year’s show is of a smaller scale than before, but I think it's a very decent start. We promise that next year we will grow bigger and become more international. We have already confirmed the official participation of the Federal German Ministry for Economics and Climate Action, we will work on attracting at least 10 German companies to China in-store 2024, along with many more from around the world. What I especially like is the successful redesign of the show. We have now a clear focus on high quality and design-oriented in-store solutions, what differentiates us from other shows. Anybody who wants to open a high quality or luxury store in China or even overseas, finds inspiring solutions at China in-store.”


Mr. Michael Gerling, CEO of EHI Retail Institute commented: “China in-store is connected with the leading global retail fair - EuroShop, which is the largest shop fitting and technology show around the world. As the founding partner of EuroShop we are very proud to have this strong presence in China. This edition of China in-store was a very successful event for the retailers in China and also for many international retail brands.”


Mr. Marius Berlemann, General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., commented, "With consumers gradually returning back to brick-and-mortar stores, a greater number of retail brands are starting to refocus on the offline market. China in-store has always been committed to showcasing the latest innovation and presenting inspiration to the retail industry. The active participation of exhibitors at this exhibition, as well as the enthusiastic involvement of numerous retail brands, all indicate a huge potential for physical stores in China".






Special Zones Expanded and Upgraded, Adding attraction to the Physical Store Design

China in-store 2023 featured a special Designer Village, showcasing overall visual merchandising and storefront design solutions created by leading designers, aiming to optimize the customer’s shopping experience through unique booth designs and iconic store design cases. Furthermore, as the concepts of green and sustainable practices take root in the retail industry, the lightweight design and decoration of commercial spaces have become one of the many styles pursued by brands.




China in-store, in collaboration with Hi Design, co-created a themed exhibition and forum called "RESTRICTION & PROBABILITY: INSPIRATION AND CLUES FOR LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION OF RETAIL SPACE" at this event. Over 20 well-known design firms participated, displaying the application of the "lightweight" concept in commercial space design and further exploring innovative ideas in store design and decoration.




Mr. Steve Jing, General Manager of Max Brilliant expressed affirmation of this edition of the exhibition, saying, "China in-store 2023 was extremely successful. The visitor traffic at the show far exceeded my expectations, and the visitors came with various purchasing needs and clear objectives. Very high quality of visitors I would say."


Mr. Chris Lu, Executive Vice Chairman of Redman Retail was very satisfied with the number and quality of visitors this year, stating, "Visitors came from all over the world, which made me experience the recovery of the industry. Moreover, the number of visitors at the event was much more than I expected, which was a big surprise for us."


Mr. Wu Kuan, Founder of Manu Arts commented: "In the past, our main clients were from the real estate sector. However, with the overall downturn in the real estate industry this year, we had to shift our focus to commercial brands, so, we participated in China in-store. The outcome has been very satisfying, and we are extremely happy with the visitor flow this time. Participants who visited our booth were designers of commercial spaces or brand representatives, with clear objectives, thus making our business communication easier."





Retail Technology Spurs Transformational Opportunities for Physical Stores

The growth of e-commerce platforms and the three-year pandemic have had severe impacts on traditional retail. However, in the post-pandemic era, the younger generation as the main consumer segment, are gradually returning to physical stores, raising new demands for the upgradation of physical retail stores.


The latest retail technologies displayed at China in-store 2023, such as digital model display devices, VR fitting mirrors, dynamic footfall recognition lighting systems, AI based smart display shelves, electronic shelf labels, etc., all are aimed to enhance user experiences, help stores transition towards experience-centric functions, and better meet the consumption needs of the younger generation.





Mr. Royston Lee, Chief Executive Officer of BDA commented, "This was our first time participating in China in-store. The international level of the visitors exceeded my expectations; I even met peers from Mexico and India. Additionally, I found some of the topics shared in the designer forum very interesting, including how to simplify existing retail commercial spaces, which aligns well with our company's philosophy."


Mr. Zenith Zeng, General Director of Vianolux stated: "I think the transformation of the exhibition from C-star to China in-store has been very successful. The selection and invitation of the visitors were also well executed. At this year's exhibition, a large number of visitors came from professional and relevant fields."


Mr. Fu from Estée Lauder, attending China in-store for the first time, commented, "It's great to have an exhibition like China in-store because it connects the entire upstream and downstream industry chain within the industry. It unites exhibitors including suppliers, brands, and technology providers, allowing us to see many new ideas and resources here. Additionally, some of the topics shared in the designer forum were very innovative and beneficial for me."


Ms. Wang from Studio Profile, an interior designer, remarked after visiting the exhibition, "I feel that this exhibition has a strong sense of design, and the presentation of the booths is quite innovative. From a designer's perspective, today I saw how each designer interpreted different materials with their own design concepts and philosophies, which opened my eyes to more creative possibilities."


In addition, leaders from Changhong, Outform, Bonami, and Zkong also gave great recognition to China in-store 2023.





Concurrent Activities Targeting Industry Hot Topics

In addition to high-quality exhibitors, the exciting concurrent activities were also one of the highlights of China in-store 2023.





The “Retail Forum” and “Design Forum” at the exhibition presented the latest trends in retail and store design to attendees, delving into hot topics such as the development trends of China's retail industry, retail space design, and lightweight construction of commercial spaces. Many industry leaders and experts were invited to attend, bringing numerous insightful and inspirational moments.





The EuroShop RetailDesign Award, established by the EHI Retail Institute and Messe Düsseldorf Group, is well renowned in the global retail industry. The derivative EuroShop RetailDesign Awards China (ERDA China) has also gained widespread attention in China's retail industry. This year's ERDA China saw fierce competition among numerous entries from over 100 design firms, with the Guan Xia Beijing Imperial Academy flagship store designed by F.O.G. Architecture, the Holiland Travel flagship store designed by SLT Design, and the Jinan NIO Center designed by Lukstudio finally elected as the winners.



With the successful conclusion of the 2023 exhibition, China in-store 2024 is scheduled to take place at SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre) from September 3-5, 2024. We look forward to meeting you again!


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