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Exploring Retail Trends, Focusing on Store Design 2023 Shanghai International Trade Fair for In-store Design & Solutions Grandly Opens


On November 29, 2023, Shanghai International Trade Fair for In-store Design & Solutions (China in-store 2023), the official satellite exhibition in China of EuroShop, the world's leading retail fair, grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall W5.



Two Major Focuses Illuminate New Pathways for Offline Physical Store Development


Under the current concept of new retail, the focus of physical stores is no longer solely selling products, but on providing a better consumer experience. Innovations in display props and retail technology, and the elevation of style, are important aspects of new retail space design.



China in-store is committed to bringing deeper inspiration to the retail industry. This edition of the exhibition focuses on store design, decoration, and retail solutions, featuring many well-known brands from the industry. Companies like YIREE, Changhong Group, Redman Retail, Max Brilliant, Zkong, NEXNOVO, ONTIME, E-tag Tech, KITON Tech, ATEEL, SHOPWORKS, 3TREES, Vianolux, OBT Lighting, TUS Lighting, Ublen, YUREIN, HCRS, Manu Art, Xingda Shelf, Neu Craft, Lintel, Lingtong, as well as international brands like Belgium's BONAMI, Netherlands' Outform, USA's 3M, Germany's VKF, and Singapore's BDA Group, presented their latest products and innovative solutions in props, materials, lighting, retail technology, and retail marketing.



Store Design Drives Brand Experience, Creating a New Blue Ocean in Business Strategy



Store design, a major highlight of China in-store 2023, is a critical aspect of retail experience, and it plays and important role in influencing the brand image and unlocking consumer potential. In this edition, "Designer Village", with participation from leading design firms like CI PARTNERS, Bonbi, Beijing Huajian, SLT Design, Lukstudio, and F.O.G. Architecture presented excellent retail space solutions. During the event, China in-store, in collaboration with Hi Design, hosted a thematic exhibition and forum titled “Restrictions and Possibilities – Inspirations and Clues for Commercial Space Lightweight Construction”. Over 20 domestic design and brand institutions, including ROARCRENEW Architects, Atelier Gegeben, FON STUDIO, BE Design, MOSTORE, MAKINGPARK, SLT, UTimes, and others showcased the application of the "lightweight" concept in commercial space design, and shared their "lightweight" design practices and ideas deployed in actual projects.



Concurrent Forums Draw Major Attention


Retail Stage, with a variety of formats and themes, invited credible academic experts, shopping center executives, and outstanding retail brands, to discuss retail industry development trends and explore the core value of retail, with professional buyers on site.



Excellent store design brings endless vitality to stores. Design Forum invited several well-known experts and industry leaders focused on store design to share outstanding case studies with retail professionals. Additionally, in the “Restrictions and Possibilities – Inspirations and Clues for Commercial Space Lightweight Construction” themed forum, founders of various design institutions were invited to share and discuss topics, exploring innovative ideas and practical experiences in the lightweight construction of commercial spaces.



2023 EuroShop Retail Design Awards China Winners Announced



The EuroShop Retail Design Awards China, held concurrently with the exhibition, has always attracted wide attention from industry professionals. This year, it received nearly a hundred outstanding entries. After several rounds of shortlisting, three works stood out from 30 nominated works and won unanimous favor from the jury. They are: Guan Xia Beijing Imperial Academy flagship store designed by F.O.G. Architecture,  Holiland Travel flagship store designed by SLT Design, and Jinan NIO Center designed by Lukstudio.



Over a hundred visitor representatives from in-store design companies and retail brands attended the awards ceremony, jointly crowning these three outstanding Chinese retail design masterpieces.


China in-store 2023 will last for three days (November 29 - December 1), and we warmly welcome your visit!

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