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Giorio Casa’s new store in China is evocative of a traditional Roman square


About six months ago, a series of images showcasing an aesthetically pleasing red brick building with a dramatic white staircase went viral on social media. Shortly after, another group of photos of the same building, this time with a logo of the luxury Italian furniture brand Giorio Casa, and location of the Shenghui Furniture Mall in the city of Xuzhou, China were released. This resulted in a number of young people travelling from long distances to Xuzhou to visit the space. The building in the mysterious photos is an exhibition and sales centre crafted for Giorio Casa by Wang Zhongli, the chief designer of design firm Catanian.


This new exhibition centre was intended to be a calming space with an atrium at its core

Image: Jin Weiqi


Giorio Casa was launched in Turin, Italy, in 1988. Zhongli, partner at design and architecture studio Catanian was commissioned to conceptualise the new Giorio Casa store with the aim of attracting people with an intriguing design concept. A month after its launch, the store was still inundated with people, proving that the designer's concept was successful. The retail design of the store reflects Giorio Casa's Italian roots with ancient Roman architectural elements. This new exhibition centre was intended to be a calming space with an atrium at its core. The architecture invites guests to have a unique spatial experience. The atrium of the store makes the space feel like a home and brings about a sense of serenity.


Wang Zhongli, Chief Designer and Partner at Catanian designed the new Giorio Casa store

Image: Jin Weiqi


"The original intention of our design is to let people unload their emotions and feel calm in the space. This is a space inside the building and we want it to have an outside feel. So we implanted a vaulted space in the interior to become the core of the whole interior space. We flip the building and interior space to create an experience of contradiction and contrast," mentions Wang Zhongli, Chief Designer and Partner at Catanian.


The atrium houses two square water bodies made of black fibreglass

Image: Jin Weiqi


The Giorio Casa store is designed to give an impression of a person's opulent mansion. The new two-storey space features an atrium in the centre, which is surrounded by interconnected rooms that exhibit the brand’s elegant furniture design. The atrium houses two square water bodies made of black fibreglass. The ponds offer a sense of tranquillity and make the space seem larger than it is. From the central atrium, a striking, spiral staircase and European-style, arched openings provide visitors access to all directions. The design of the atrium has been inspired by ancient squares prevalent in the cities of the Roman empire.


The ponds in the atrium offer a sense of tranquillity and make the space seem larger than it is

Image: Jin Weiqi


"Taking a glance at the Roman empire, you see pedestrians, carriages and horses passing through the Palatine Gate (main gate of the square) and gathering in the central square—this centripetal layout still has its power till this day. The space featured an atrium or square surrounded by several other buildings, which were interacting with each other, and integrated the functions of presentation, meditation, interaction and business activities in a vivid and charming manner—this inspired my initial design concepts,” says Zhongli.


The second floor is divided into an experience area, material selection area and a high-end customisation section

Image: Jin Weiqi


While the first floor of the store showcases Giorio Casa's products, the second floor is divided into an experience area, material selection area and a high-end customisation section. The design of the store evokes a sense of discovery and exploration within the visitors. As they walk between rooms it seems like they are touring a mansion. "Owing to our decision on the starting and ending point, the angle and design of the spiral staircase, as well as the way people move in the space, visitors can either take a tour according to the map or wander randomly. They can return to the atrium at any time, as it serves as both the starting point and the ending point of the tour, and can be accessible from all directions, just as a transportation hub. Thus, the atrium becomes a functional artwork in a definite form, creating ever changing experiences, emotions, wisdom and energy, and delivering harmony between people and the environment," adds the designer.


The design of the store evokes a sense of discovery and exploration within the visitors

Image: Jin Weiqi


For the layout of this new store, the designer moved away from the design of conventional stores to craft something unique and timeless. With this one-of-a-kind space, Zhongli wanted to bring the outdoors inside, and bring about a sense of peacefulness. Moreover, by changing the way people feel in a space, he hoped to alter their shopping habits as well. 


By changing the way people feel in a space, the designer hopes to alter their shopping habits as well

Image: Jin Weiqi


"Based on Chinese culture and the traditional Italian architectural styles, we built the atrium with bricks in an indoor space, presenting openness and inclusiveness at the same time. In doing so, the space accomplishes its business purpose by naturally evoking people's desire for consumption in a smart way. As scenes presented behind the arches vary, people picture different stories in their minds, which testifies to the power of the space. With peace of mind offered in the atrium, visitors will be attracted by the scenes behind the arches. As they walk into and out of different scenes, they will have viewed the products, and most of the selling job is already done in the process," states Wang Zhongli.


This home furnishings store displays a path-breaking design concept

Image: Jin Weiqi


Furthermore, this new Giorio Casa store in China makes a case for minimalism in architecture and design. “When I design, I prefer simplicity. Human beings are already complicated enough. Just as the application of makeup, space design should focus on the beauty itself, in that it is not necessarily true that the heavier the application is, the more beautiful you will be. I hope to help the brand address the present challenges with a complete space strategy and achieve business value beyond expectation. Apart from that, I believe that the building of a peaceful space will arouse the true feelings of people," concludes the designer.


Project Details

Name: Giorio Casa Store
Project Location: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
Area: 1200 ㎡
Interior Design: Catanian
Lead Designer: Wang Zhongli
Design Team: Zheng Haili, Liang Jianfang, Wang Dian
Furnishing: Guangzhou A3Home Co., Ltd.
Smart System: Beijing Ruying Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Furniture: Beijing Giorio Casa Home Design Co., ltd.


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