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Hoka Releases New Global Store Concept




Footwear and apparel brand Hoka has collaborated with Design agency Green Room to launch a new global store concept in China and Southeast Asia.


Inspired by flights and aimed at empowering athletes to ‘take flight over the globe’, Green Room has chosen this design concept to “create a sense of movement that fits a new home for Hoka’s products”.


Kinetic overhead lighting helps recreate the natural flight of a flock of starlings, a phenomenon known as a murmuration. The agency said that the movement is designed to change pace, which shifts customers’ sense of space and draws them deeper into it. There is also an elevated experiential space at the heart of the store where customers can test a pair of Hokas on a treadmill prior to making their purchase decision.


According to Green Room, the store space is intended to be more than just a shop. A ‘rolling table’ is set as a space to connect, educate and inspire, hosting local talks on nutrition or weekly running club meetings, for example. Lockers are provided to store customers’ personal belongings and a hydration station offers information about how to stay refreshed.


Plants are placed at the entrances of the stores, using local botanicals to represent a subtle local identity. The space is created with lightweight furniture while the merchandising system is installed from ceiling to floor, to accommodate the brand’s campaigns.




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