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Exhibitor Case Study | ICBC - 5G Smart Bank


What can 5G bring to the world?


Industrial digitization with Internet of Everything, Smart Factory and Smart Scenic Spot

Intelligent governance for smart city, smart community and smart mobility

Smart life with telemedicine, autonomous driving and intelligent education


How to upgrade retail stores with 5G technology?

Changhong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., our long-time friend, presents a convincing answer


Changhong Presents the ICBC - 5G Smart Bank

The first 5G smart bank of ICBC Hebei Branch, developed by Changhong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., was officially unveiled at the ICBC Zhonghua Branch in Shijiazhuang.


Night view


The 5G Smart Bank of ICBC Zhonghua Branch is an attempt at digitalising conventional banking outlets with big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, biometrics, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies to connect financial, social and lifestyle scenarios, and to provide customers with multi-channel, all-round services and intelligent, personalised experience. It is a smart bank that works well, looks good and is fun to use.


  Design theme - “Light of Dawn · Hebei”  


“Dawn” is the sunshine in the morning, representing vitality and a new start. The “Light of Dawn for Hebei” entails the light of hope, expressing the vision and confidence for a better future.


The brightly-lit hall, with flowing ripples and changing colours, conveys a design language that travels through time and space, signifying the passage, evolution and development of time. Light spots and stripes extend from the exterior to the interior like sunlight, echoing the design theme. The Fuxing high-speed train on the screen in the Smart Zone tells the story of Shijiazhuang, the city pulled by train. Ornaments and accessories such as the ancient tripod from Jizhou, porcelain from Dingzhou and paper cuttings from Weixian describe the magnificence of the “blessed and beautiful land".


Futuristic Business Hall


  Four "smart" themes  


The 5G Smart Bank offers personal services including "Smart Hall", "Smart Finance", "Smart Livelihood" and "Smart Health”.


Smart Hall: smart environmental control and traffic management.


Smart environmental control: Intelligent environmental control through IoT sensors collecting light levels, air quality and other parameters in the hall helps save energy, reduce consumption and achieve fine management. Specific smart systems include power system, lighting system, air conditioning system and fresh air system.


Intelligent traffic management: provision of personalised services through intelligent robots, virtual customer greeting and accurate customer identification. Capturing and analysing traffic and movement inside the hall contributes to autonomous management.


Smart Finance:  Customers can select e-buy, e-life, bank cards and financial products through the "Interactive Mall" and "Wisdom Tree” platforms. Digital screens can display bestselling products and provide comprehensive services for corporate and private customers. Remote expert support enhances service efficiency. Using smart containers, customers can self-collect products booked online instead of going to the counter, which helps enhance customer experience.


Futuristic Business Hall


Smart Livelihood: “Government affairs service window" connects the government and the people, helping to build a "service-oriented government". Internet, financial institutions and e-commerce offer financial services to farmers, agriculture, and rural areas, delivering corporate social responsibility by helping with targeted poverty alleviation. Outlets with inclusive services promote inclusion, support the economy and benefit people's livelihood.


Smart Health:  Smart identification, contactless temperature measurement, regular and dynamic disinfection, among other measures, are used to prevent virus transmission.


Futuristic Business Hall


5G Smart Bank combines finance with technology for innovative development, and actively creates an integrated service system to showcase financial service innovations with modern technology. It provides a new way of thinking and transformative development for conventional banking outlets.


Standard Business Hall


VIP Lounge

Project name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - 5G Smart Bank

Address: No. 172, South Zhonghua Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

Area: 2,120 m²

Designed by Changhong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.


As an old friend who has exhibited 6 times at C-star, Changhong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has once again confirmed participation in C-star 2021 (Booth No. N5A18). We look forward to more innovative solutions from Changhong.


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