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Exhibitor Interview: Yongcheng Display


Yongcheng display, the whole industry chain covering the one-stop service provider with 23-year experience. Since us established in 1994, we have provided professional services to 1,000 stores in more than 30 countries around the world. And we had undertaken the design and development of a number of international first-line commercial brands, commercial space design, layout planning, props r&d and manufacturing, terminal engineering installation and supporting logistics system and after-sales service. At present we have 300 employees in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Xi 'an.


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At this year's C-star exhibition, Yong Cheng will bring new design concept elements together with display props formed using different materials, with powerful functionality that is suitable for commercial use. Today, C-star interviewed Mr. Chen Wei, president of Yongcheng, to learn more about their corporate philosophy.



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C-star:Mr. Chen Wei, as an international custom fixture manufacturer you serve top branded retailers and chain stores for their fixture needs. From your perspective what are the most important trends in shop fitting globally?

Mr. Chen: All our cooperation customers are global middle and high-end chain brands, and according to our 24 years cooperation experience, we have noticed that the trend of the shop fixture is constantly changing as follows:

1. The customer interaction is matter: the display fixtures in the large stores provide more pleasure for customer during shopping,so it is very important for the customer to interact directly with the products. The height, size, opening, structure and multimedia presentations of the shop fixtures can help customers experience products.

2. Diversified materials use, environmental protection materials, modular combination: the materials is not limited to metal, wood, acrylic, more like cement, ceramics, paper and other materials. For a long time, Yongcheng actively uses environmental protection and degradable materials throughout the whole process of design, manufacture, sales and disposal, and strives to produce environmentally friendly or less harmful products, and meets specific environmental protection requirements of renewable resources. Coordinating with customers to develop modular shop fixtures, meet the needs of repeatable, composable and reducing the front-end production cost, quickly replace.

3.The design of shop fitting tends to be young, colorful, and diversified. Young fashion brands have increased, or the brand has started targeting young customers, so that shop fixture design style is young and fashionable. The tone, language and shape of the shop fixtures help building the customer's impression of the brand.


C-star:What materials are the most requested in store design and are there differences between the countries?

Mr. Chen: Now, the main materials used in the production of the shop fixtures are metal, wood and acrylic .in fact, the materials used are mainly determined according to brand positioning,design requirements, products design, customer level and product price. The materials used in chain stores are no great differences among countries, but in some countries, there must be corresponding material certification


C-star:Because of the enormously growing e-commerce retailers use more and more technology-based solutions in brick-and-mortar-stores, i.e. interactive fitting rooms, web bars and so on. How does that influence the store design?

Mr. Chen:  The influence can be divided into the following points: 1. The compatibility of store fixtures, multimedia and technology, matching,security and rapid disassembly and combination of multiple functions. 2. The use of multimedia and technology has made the new retail, unmanned retail stores increasing,  which greatly changes the way of the original shop fixtures placement. The purpose is to determine how to display from the perspective of customers and the flow of people, so as to enhance the interaction and stimulate consumption.


C-star:Overall what do think is the reason for your international success?

Mr. Chen:  Yongcheng has always been not a simple manufacturer. We provide customers with technical support from brand analysis, collaborative development, process optimization and development design.

Our key to improve customer satisfaction is putting the customer's business results in the first place, on the premise of understanding of customer expectations, to provide the best products and service experience. Providing customized products and solutions to customers on the basis of this core value, focusing on the fast development of the shop fixture market, seeking opportunities, developing overseas business with our customers successfully.


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