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Forum Schedule - C-star 2018 Retail Forum


"Shape a Human Centered Retail World"

With rapid growth of technology and demand of new shopping mode, concept of ‘new retail’, ‘unmanned retail’, ‘omnichannel’, and ‘smart retail’ emerges one after another, which brings both opportunity and challenge to all retailers. What is world retail going? Will technology innovation be the best way to catch consumers? How will shopping mall follow up consumption upgrade? How does new brand survive in new retail world? What is ‘dream design’ for brand owner?
While the retail world keeps spinning, is it a real ‘people matters’ world or just blind developing world?
The C-star Retail Forum thus hold the theme of ‘Shape a Human Centered Retail World’, offering a platform where industry authorities and experts, commercial real estate developers, shopping center operation executives, retail brand owners and other renowned guest speakers discuss diversified themes such as "global retail development trends", "The future of omnichannel retail", "consumption upgrade", and "space aesthetics". This premier platform offers an outstanding venue for industry professionals to gain new industry knowledge and to expand business networks.
  1. Forum Venue
Hall N5, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center
2345 Longyang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
  1. Forum Date
26th -28th, April, 2018
Retail Forum 零售论坛
26.04.2018 全球零售行业趋势  Retail trends around the world
10:30-11:00 2017全球零售发展趋势
Retail 2017 in West and East - Learnings and Trends
Helmut Merkel博士, 主席, Eurasia Global Limited Dr.Helmut Merkel, President,  Eurasia Global Limited
11:00-11:30 In 2017, China retail has undergone evolutional development, many concept raised like ‘New Retail’, ‘Smart Retail’, ‘Unbounded Retail’ influenced industry direction. How do these concepts practice? What will be the trend in 2018? How will China retail influence the world?  
China’s retail trends and development
王耀 先生,副会长/主任,中国商业联合会/中华全国商业信息中心
Mr. Yao Wang, Vice-Chairman/Director, China General Chamber of Commerce/China National Commercial Information Center
  Japan is always leading in Asian retail market, not only from retails innovation but also service priority. From VDM in UNIQLO shopfitting to product design of MUJI, from update customer experience of AEON to human care of family-mart, what is successful recipe of Japan retail?
11:30-12:00 日本零售趋势
Japan’s retail trends
内野俐 先生,日本富盟可思董事
Mr. Uchino Satoshi, Director, FUMKSS
12:00-13:30 午餐休息  Lunch Break
  大融合时代的零售布局  Integration: The future of retail world
14:00-14:30 Airport in no longer a place for waiting, it is becoming part of trip. Good airport experience can also affect a quality travel. As a leader in shopping mall, Westfields also operate main airport business in America, How westfields mode used in airport, and what will be trend?
Airport Retail in new convergence era
王玮 先生, 中国战略顾问, 澳大利亚奥瑞姆公司
Mr. Wang Wei, China Strategic Advisor, Australia Azurium Shanghai
14:30-15:00 Child is always the focus, as exclusive agency for many toy brands like LEGO, SIKU, Chicco, HASBRO, Schleich, Kidsland has 16-year history in toy chain, with hundreds of shops and online shop in TMALL, JD.COM, Amazon, successfully practicing omnichannel business.
Toy Chain in China market
盧永仁 先生,副主席,凱知樂國際控股有限公司
Mr. William Lo, Vice Chairman,Kidsland International Holdings Limit
15:00-15:30 Start online business in Tmall, JD.COM and then has pop-up store in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou in 2017, Lidl begins their China strategy. How is their performance, What will be the next step?
Lidl ‘s China strategy Mr.  Volker Glaeske,  CFO & Executive Board Member,  LIDL HONG KONG LIMITED
15:30-16:00 As a fast growing company, MINISO has perfect performance in 2017 with 2600 shops covering 62 countries. What is their recipe, how is their strategy?
Decryption of the new retail model: from 0 to 10 billion - the secret of MINISO
成金兰 女士,品牌中心负责人, 名创优品股份有限公司
Mrs  Jaylin Cheng,  Brand head,  Miniso Corporation
16:00-16:45 Panel Discussion  
27.04.2018 大融合时代的零售布局  Integration: The future of retail world
10:00-10:30 Chins will experience shopping mall boom in 2018. It is estimated that it has been 60 new shopping mall in January in 9 cities, how will be these shopping mall going?
Opportunity and challenge of China Shopping mall
郭增利 先生,主任,中购联购物中心发展委员会
Mr Victor Guo, President, China Shopping Center Development Association of Mall China
10:30-11:00 Metro’s China Strategy Metro HK
11:00-14:00 Lunchbreak
  科技带来消费新体验    Intelligence: The upgrade of consumer experience
14:00-14:30 全球零售技术趋势及2018EuroCIS亮点回顾
World retail technology trends &  highlights of EuroCIS 2018
Ulrich Spaan 先生,副主席,欧洲流通联盟零售业研究院
Mr. Ulrich Spaan, Vice President, EHI Retail Institute
14:30-15:00 大数据持续助力新零售
Update of Big Data in new retail
吴传鲲 先生,总裁,赢商网
Mr. Wu Chuankun, CEO, Winshang
15:00-15:30 Xvois person tracking technology-new level of people countinh and flow analysis, the airport industry proven passenger flow monitoring and queue measurement system, the leading sensor technology for people counting and tracking in retail application
Person tracking technology in airport smart solution
15:30-16:00 A premium digital wayfinder product evolved over 12 years and installed across the globe with many casestudy of IFC, IAPM and Westfields.
Smart retail solution
Abuzz Solutions Asia  
28.04.2018 空间美学:以人为本   Aesthetics: The human centric brand recognization
10:00-10:30 International Retail Design Trends 2018
Claudia Horbert 女士,店铺设计与规划研究总监,欧洲流通联盟零售业研究院
Mrs. Claudia Horbert,  Director Research Store Planning & Design,  EHI Retail Institute
10:30-11:00 Thematic shop design from Japan design concept with many successful case in shopping mall, exclusive shop
Thematic shop design
梶原  章 先生, 上海办事处负责人,  GARDE Co.,Ltd.
Mr. AKIRA KAJIWARA,  Head of Shanghai office,  GARDE Co.,Ltd.
11:00-11:30 Using BIM technology, through the real 3 d collaborative design, intelligent data analysis, modeling, reduce operating costs and changes, to complete the whole process of implementation with high performance and quality.
Effectively use the new technology to control the cost of building the retail store
Mr Wang Yue, General Manager,  CHANGHONG DECORATION
15:30-16:00 ReTailor Hub design concept demonstration

C-star 2018 Retail Forum Advisory Board Committee

Dr. Melkel.jpg Dr. Helmut Merkel
Eurasia Global Limited
Mr. Michael Gerling
EHI Retail Institute
Mr. Victor Guo
郭增利 先生
China Shopping Center Development Association of Mall China
主任 Mr. Wang Wei
王玮 先生
Australia Azurium Shanghai
China Strategic Advisor
Ms. Fan Jun
范君 女士
China Commerce Association for General Merchandise (CCAGM)
Executive Vice President and Secretary General
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