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Confirmed speakers for C-star Retail Forum 2018



Claudia Horbert
Director Research Store Planning & Design, EHI Retail Institute
Claudia Horbert has studied economics at the University of Cologne in Germany, before she started her career in retail. At one of the biggest department stores in Germany, Galeria Kaufhof, she learned the retail business from the scratch. Since 1999 Claudia Horbert has been working for the EHI. As Director Research Store Planning & Design she is in charge for that research area, organizes working groups, international store-check-tours as well as conferences. She is also in charge for the well-acknowlegded European Retail Design Awards and member of various juries.


General Manager of China Region and Director of Design of GARDE
He is specialized in design planning for large-scale department stores and shopping centers and also has experience in fashion luxury spaces. He was responsible for the renovation of the Umeda Hankyu Department Flagship Store. The project was awarded the Asia Pacific Property Award. He was responsible for the schematic design and environmental design of Coredo Nihonbashi Department Store. Currently, he is involved in the supervision of residential projects.


Ulrich Spaan
Vice President of EHI
Ulrich Spaan has studied economics at different Universities in Germany and Italy, before he started his career in the retail. At one of the biggest grocery discounters in Germany, Aldi, he learned the retail business from the scratch. Since 1999 Ulrich Spaan has been working for the EHI. As Senior Vice President he is in charge for EuroShop  and EuroCIS and Member of the Board for both shows. He is also Director of the research area Information Technology in Retail and responsible for working groups, conferences and awards.


Prof. Helmut Merkel

Helmut Merkel is owner of several SME’s, all focused on Retail and Retail services (Logistics, Sourcing, Brand Management) in Hong Kong, China and Europe. One of the major activities in China is managing a network of companies to introduce European Lifestyle products (Fashion, Food and Beverages) to the Chinese Consumer market.
Before he started his own business together with a Partner, he was CE


Director and General Manager of Changhong Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Director/General Manager
New Industrialization Research Institute of Chinese architectural decoration industry
Interior design branch of China Architectural Society
Standing Director
China Architectural Decoration Association
Standing Director
China Architectural Decoration Association standard Expert Committee
<Technical regulations for decoration of commercial shops>
Chief Editor

Mr. Victor Guo
President of China Shopping Center Development Association of Mall China
Vice Chairman & Secretary-General of China Federation of Urban Commercial Outlets Construction Administration
Vice Chairman of Council of Asian Shopping Centers
Mr. Victor Guo, President of China Shopping Center Development Association of Mall China; Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Federation of Urban Commercial outlets Construction Administration; Vice Chairman of Council of Asian Shopping Centers. Mr. Guo was previously served in Ministry of Commerce of China, Ministry of Internal Trade of China and State Bureau of Internal Trade of China respectively.
As one of the earliest professionals in researching and promoting shopping centers and retail property in China, Mr. Guo has more than 15 years of industry experience. He emphasizes the complementary effect between professionalization and industrialization and the business idea integrating “real estate, finance, commerce and society”. Mr. Guo has also published numerous professional theories and relevant literature in commercial real estate and shopping center industry.


成金兰 (1).jpg
Jaylin Cheng
director of MINISO Brand Center
Jaylin Cheng, is the director of MINISO Brand Center and director of MINISO the Belt and Road Initiatives Office. She is also the Vice President of Guangzhou Chain Operation Association, and the representative of post-85s professional manager.
As the director of MINISO Brand Center, Jaylin boldly proposed to fully use the advantages of the company's existing fans resources. She exchanged resources with external companies to generate substantial income for the company. At the same time, to make MINISO become the new icon of the foreign fashionistas, she deepened the entertainment marketing strategies to enlarge the overseas markets. She  created the  "zero advertising", a word of mouth marketing, to realize the transformation of MINISO from traditional retail entity to Internet plus retail entity.
As one of the youngest executives in MINISO Co., Ltd. , Jaylin had been invited to many large retail conferences to deliver keynote speeches. She is a new generation of brand promotion spokesperson of MINISO.

Mr. Uchino Satoshi,
Director of  FUMKSS
Uchino Satoshi, born in August 1945, studied commerce in Meiji University in1963. Started from 1967, Uchino Satoshi worked as a trainer for salesperson. In 1984, he worked in human resource department. In 1986, he was the household department minister. In1988, he became the manager of Matsuya. In 1995, he was the Vice Chairman of Kanto department association. In 2005, Uchino Satoshi opened FUMKISS in Tokyo. In Beijing, he opened a consultant company in 2010 and another FUMKISS in 2012.


Mr. Wang Wei,
China Strategic Advisor of Australia Azurium Shanghai
Executive Director of Shanghai XiAiDi Consulting Firm, Expert Committee Member of Mall China and Shanghai Shopping Centre Council,Member of Academic Board of Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate College(APCREA).
With over 20 years of experience in the retail industry and commercial property development, Wang Wei has held senior positions in various multinational companies and recognized brands such as Inchcape, FILA, Volvo, Swire and CP Group.
Mr. Wang Wei has actively participated in the industry development of landmark projects of first tier cities in China, e.g. Super Brand Mall, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Retail and Shanghai Center Tower etc. With a broad vision and professional expertise, he has contributed significantly in the roles of positioning, design coordination, marketing and leasing, facilitating the perfect bonding of advanced international trend and local culture conditions in the Chinese industry market. Due to his unique working experience on all three platforms of the shopping mall industry as a retailer, developer and consultant, and his outstanding professional communication skill, Wang Wei has established a broad industry perspective and extensive network of connections.
Wang Wei is also a popular columnist and renouned commentator of China’s major industry media sites including Wingshang Web and Real Estate Magazine etc. He also acts as a professional trainer for Wingshang College and APCREA, and provides a serious training program for major industry leading enterprises such as China Resource Land, Wanda Group and Suning etc. as well as many medium and small developers, sharing insights and inspirations that are up-to-date with the world yet appropriate for China’s conditions, with both international height and domestic depth.

吴传鲲 照片.jpg
Mr. Wu Chuankun
Chairman of Guangdong Winshang Data Services Co., Ltd.
With more than ten years of experience in the field of commercial real estate, Wu Chuankun has a profound insight into the development trend of the industry. Founded in 2010, Winshang has become the most influential media platform in China Retail business fields and the strongest path between the place and the brand. Started in 2015, Winshang big data strategy was the first institution in China to focus on the construction of data in the field of retail and commercial real estate, which is committed to providing the most effective data and data based on solutions for shopping centers, brands and industry institution.
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