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Interview with Xiamen Yiree Display Fixtures


Interviewee: Mr. Sidney Philip, President of Xiamen Yiree Display Fixtures

  1. As a custom fixture manufacturer, you serve top branded retailers and chain stores for their fixture needs. 95 % of your products are exported to the U.S and European markets. What are the reasons why you want to play a bigger role in the Chinese retail market now and how do you want to attract Chinese retailer?
-This is a good question. Firstly, we are here to introduce our new service and new product.VR Rendering,  a New Magic Service from YIREE. The start of this sets a milestone of Yiree's strategic transfer from a traditional custom fixture manufacturer to a major integrated service company of retail space and stores designs,fixture designs and rendering as well as the interactive experience creation with core manufacturing capabilities. Smart Display Glass is  our brand new product as what we want to show in this fair , which is not only construction material but also interactive media with many benefits, environmental friendly & Energy saving, high strength, 80% transparency, etc. 

Secondly, as you know, Euroshop has developed into the world's number one trade fair for retail investments since 1966. As one of the China's most international retail shows, C-Star is another "Euroshop" in China. We believe this important event will promise us the chance to market profitably and seize opportunities within China market and even the Asia market. And we  are looking forward to the interaction with all  the peer who will show up in the fair and all the visitors from all over the world.

  1. Do Chinese retailer have different needs than European or American ones?
-Generally speaking, there's no different needs from China retailer compared with the European or American retailer. If it does, we'd like to say China retailer needs better lead time and faster service. Their project launching is moving much faster.
  1. What materials are the most requested in store design and are there differences between the countries?
-As what we can see, the majority of materials have been used all the time are still metal and wood.  Well, in recent years more and more chain stores want their shops to look cool and unique by using many more special materials  rather than just metal and wood, such as concrete board, LED Lighting and PU sintra etc. We don't believe there are too much different material needs among the different countries. It really depends on which type of retailers and which type of brand stores you are working with.
  1. From your experience how often do retailers change their interiors and again do the intervals differ from one country to the other?
-It's hard to tell how often the retailers change their interiors. It differs from years to days. Take Burlington Coat Factory (BCF) and Gentle Monster for example, BCF uses the same design for 5 years without change, while Gentle Monster changes their design once every 21 days for attraction and newness. The intervals also based on different brand needs. Different countries are the same story.
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