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展商风采 I 北京信步自动门有限公司

Company Profile
Saneboon (Beijing) Autodoor Co., Ltd. provides high-quality automatic door products for all kinds of building entrances. As one of the “Top Ten Companies” in China’s automatic door industry, we always provide state-of-the-art products and services. Today, Gatestar launched by Saneboon will give customers new value. Gatestar is specially designed for commercial storefronts and building offices. Its unique structure and manual/automatic control technology allow the “smart experience starting from the door” to come true.
Key Products and Overview

The door leaf of GS5 products uses 8+12A+8mm hollow tempered glass, which can improve the strength of the door body and has a better insulation and sound isolation performance. Provided by top international suppliers, the automatic door machine is smoother and quieter during operation. The designers also draw inspiration from the insulating and warm edge properties of the insulating glass to make color separation for the front, making the appearance and quality even more unique. Another highlight is the perfect combination of the automatic main door and the manual auxiliary door.

GS3 products integrate the autodoor with the manual door. The door leaf uses 6+9A+6mm hollow tempered glass, which not only improves the heat insulation of the automatic door, but also enhances the sound isolation level, creating a quieter business environment. In addition, the structure and appearance of the door leaf, especially the height of the upper folder, also reach the ultimate level. We have reduced the height to an unprecedented level, which has completely changed the appearance of the automatic door, giving you a refreshing impression. 

GSF products have the function of both the automatic main door and the manual accessory door. Moreover, the sliding fan and the fixed fan of the autodoor can be pushed outward by 90 degrees, which satisfies the demand for wide openings under certain conditions. In addition, the designers have employed the hidden design for the evacuation device, thus guaranteeing GSF’s evacuation function and high visibility.
Basic information of Interviewee and answers to the following 3 questions
Name: Pei Ruixia
Job Title/Department: Minister of Operation Department
Company: Saneboon (Beijing) Autodoor Co., Ltd.
C-star: Do you have new product and technology which will be displayed at C-star?
Saneboon: New products: Brand-new Gatestar Storefront Door
New technology: Integrated manual and automatic functions, integrated main door and auxiliary door; new button open mode; all-aluminum structure integrated beam; unprecedented energy-saving technology.
C-star: What are your company's expectations for participating in the C-star?
Saneboon: We hope to provide “Saneboon” Gatestar series of products for more domestic and foreign retail store owners and introduce the products to more friends inside and outside the industry at C-star.
C-star: Why did your company support our C-star as always?
Saneboon: C-star enjoys a strong influence and premium customers. We will continue to support C-star.



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