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Zumtobel at C-Star Shanghai


Shanghai, 22. April 2015 – Shanghai will host C-Star, one of the biggest retail events for the Chinese market, from 13. to 15. May 2015. The trade fair is intended specifically for the Chinese market, with 1,300,000,000 consumers and an average growth of 17 percent per year.  The total retail space in China is expected to grow by somewhere in the region of 50 to100 million square metres in 2015. As a satellite of the renowned EuroShop event, C-Star will bring the latest trends from the retail industry to China. Leading lighting solutions provider Zumtobel is taking this opportunity to introduce state-of-the-art lighting solutions and target-group orientated lighting concepts for a range of different shop environments.


Zumtobel Limbic® Lighting

The main focus of Zumtobel at C-Star will be an innovative retail lighting concept - Zumtobel Limbic® Lighting. This concept was first introduced at EuroShop 2014 and now a recent field study has confirmed the findings of the Zumtobel laboratory research project aboutthe unconscious effect of light in retail applications. In cooperation with the fashion retailer Gerry Weber, it was possible to analyse to what extent targeted lighting solutions influence the purchasingbehaviour of customers and thereby drive sales. Based on the "Limbic® Types" identified by the laboratory study in 2013, specific target groups of the Gerry Weber brand could also be evaluated. The resultswere clear - adjustment of the lighting situation to reflecttypical target group preferences delivered a 10 percent increase in turnover compared toan equivalentreference store. Further analysis also revealed an even higher average sales increase amongst the specific target group for which the lighting solution was optimised. Implicit measurements showed an overwhelmingly positive emotional response from Gerry Weber customers to the newly installed Limbic® Lighting concept, particularly when compared with the original shop lighting.


LED retail lighting concepts

Alongside the results of this research, Zumtobel will also introduce various LED lighting solutions that are tailored to the very specific requirements of the Chinese market. The VIVO LED spotlight was designed for attractive illumination of retail spaces and can be specifiedwith various lumen outputs. Available in different sizes, VIVO is a very efficient alternative to conventional spotlights that tend to be fitted with high-pressure discharge lamps. The VIVO LED spotlight range is characterised by excellent colour rendering (up to Ra > 90) and extremely uniform light distributions. In this way, VIVO offersthe right colour temperature and illuminance level for every lighting task.

DIAMO from Zumtobel is a distinctive minimalist lighting solution. The product range has recently been extended to includeanother reflector for uniform illumination of surfaces, with wall washer and 3-phase versions. In combination with the Flood, Wideflood and Very Wideflood reflectors, holistic high-grade lighting concepts can now be realized for hotels, shops and offices. The specially designed reflectors ensure an effective distribution without any spill light, together with excellent glare control. DIAMO is available with a colour temperature of 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K.

The PANOS LED downlight range stands for maximum lighting quality and energy efficiency and can be tastefully integrated into any interior design. To meet the demands of the global markets, Zumtobel has optimized the PANOS range for various countries, creating one luminaire range that fulfills a broad range of market-specific requirements. With its new 68mm and 100mm round and square versions, various different reflector technologies and reflector surface finishes in matt silver, specular, white and matt gold, this downlight is able to perform a wide variety of lighting tasks. In addition, the PANOS range is available with colour temperatures of 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K.

MICROTOOLS is a flexible lighting tool for presenting objects and heightening their sense of value, especially in shelves, showcases and recesses with wood, glass and metal bases. The modular LED lighting system fades into the background, with a compact design that facilitates subtle integration into any application. Aspecial photometric feature means that modules for general lighting and accent lighting can be easily combined. Warm white to intermediate white colour temperatures are available, making it possible to create differentiated and highly flexible lighting solutions. With outstanding colour rendering of Ra > 90, MICROTOOLS is perfect for the authentic presentation of goods in shops and retail areas.

With high levels of miniaturization, SUPERSYSTEM is the ideal solution for projects where the luminaire is not intended to dominate the interior architecture. The LED spot creates bright accents and strikes a perfect balance between size and luminous flux. With SUPERSYSTEM, the goods on display are the centre of attention – not the lighting solution. Nevertheless, this unobtrusive luminaire cannot fail to impress thanks to the combination of high quality materials and excellent lighting technology.


Zumtobel in China

Zumtobel has been serving the Chinese market with high-quality luminaires and lighting management systems for professional indoor lighting applications since 2002, when the first Zumtobel office opened in China. As a true leader in innovation, Zumtobel products continue to impress with their long service life and cutting-edge design, continually setting newindustry standards.  With a strong international customer base, the company has helped realise a number of prestigious projects in presentation and retail applications in China, including a Ferrari and Maserati showroom, Porsche showrooms, Patek Philipe BJ, Wempe Concept Store, Swarovski Showroom and Shandong Grand Theater. Goingforward, Zumtobel will beintroducing more innovative, unique and sophisticated luminaires and lighting solutions with quality service and added value for Chinese customers.


About C-star 2015

C-star will be held from 13. to 15.May 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and is set to become Eastern China's leading international retail show. As an official satellite event of EuroShop, the world's number oneretail trade fair, C-star will focus on four key segments: Shopfitting and Store Design, Retail Technology, Visual Merchandising and Stand Construction.



(Photo Credits: Zumtobel)

c-star c-star

Fig. 1: As part of a larger research project, Zumtobel devised and installed a new lighting concept in a Gerry Weber shop in Herford, which was specifically tailored to meet the lighting preferences of the main target group of this particular brand. The new solution was based on moderate accent lighting with a warm colour temperature (Left: before. Right: after)



Fig. 2: The BALANCE group (Harmonisers, Traditionalists and Bon vivants) responded very positively to moderate accent lighting.



Fig 3: The STIMULANCE group (Hedonists, Adventurers) responded most positively to lighting scenes with relatively strong contrasts, created by accent lighting and a variety of different spots.



Fig 4:  The DOMINANCE group (Performers, Disciplinarians) was sensitive to unbalanced lighting concepts. This group can be stimulated through a combination ofbalanced and moderate lighting effects.



Fig. 5: The VIVO LED spotlight has beendesigned for the attractive illumination of retail spaces and is available with a range oflumen outputs.



Fig. 6: DIAMO is a precise LED downlight, ideal for use in a range of lighting applications.



Fig. 7: MICROTOOLS is a flexible lighting tool for presenting objects and heightening their sense of value, especially in shelves, showcases and recesses with wood, glass and metal bases.



Fig. 8: Extremely compact and energy-efficient high-power LED spotlights provide excellent accent lighting, even when mounted further away from the objects being displayed.


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